Pain in the left side of the stomach

There are a lot of different causes for pain in the stomach. In this article we will take a look at some types of stomach pain which respond well to a good probiotic; Alive Probiotics.

Diverticulitis and pain on the left side of the stomach

Diverticulitis will cause pain on the left side of the stomach. When we say pain in the left side we mean your left side; not as the doctor would look at you.  Besides this pain you may also experience nausea, bloating and constipation, hot flashes, and cramping. What stands out with this dis-ease it that it means you have a weak spot in your colon.  This weak spot will then cause bulging and pushing against the colon wall in that area.

Integrating foods that have natural probiotics as well as adding a probiotic supplement to your diet may help to eliminate inflammation of the diverticulum.  We cannot say it will cure the diverticulitis but when factors are dealt with and eliminated the rest is history.

Some good foods would be yogurt, curd, miso and kefir. Yogurt is not just any yogurt but it must contain live probiotic cultures or it isn’t much more than ice cream for the problem.  Most people will honest find that taking a supplement such as Alive Probiotics, instead of trying to achieve eating the correct amount of these digestion foods, is easier and makes sense in a busy lifestyle.

Your intestinal tract needs to have a good amount of good bacteria; period.  “Good” bacteria is necessary to keeping your intestinal tract and your body healthy. The use and overuse of antibiotics kill the good bacteria with the bad.  Since there are antibiotics in just about all water sources and animals raised for meat are given them from early on, it is nearly impossible to keep from the effects of antibiotics on our society. Basically, everyone can benefit from taking a probiotic supplement and dietary changes will make them even more effective.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome is another cause for left side stomach pain. IBS symptoms can mimic the diverticulitis symptoms and can often be brought on by stress. The reason for this is that the colon is connected to the brain through nerves of the autonomic nervous system. During times of stress these nerves can become more active and cause the intestines to squeeze and contract more. This can also be caused by an unhealthy environment in the intestines.

This unhealthy environment is due to a lack of good bacteria and intestinal flora.  Most people don’t realize how important intestinal health is and how important a probiotic supplement is to it. If you are suffering from pain on the left side of the stomach, get checked out from your physician and ask them about incorporating probiotics into your diet. We care about you and the pain you suffer. It’s time you started a new journey to recovery today.