Where does it hurt?

Identify where the pain is to help you decide what kind of pain you have, whether it be an ulcer symptom, gallbladder, liver, spleen or pancreas symptom.  Let’s take a little trip around the gastrointestinal tract.

  • Constipation causes pain in the alimentary tract, a pain going from the stomach to the bowel until the bowel movement is released.  This pain would move over a certain period of time, for hours or a day to even longer.
    Moving up to the right –
  • Pain in the right shoulder or pain in between the shoulder blades in the middle of the back especially after eating a fatty meal is often associated with the gallbladder.  You might feel pain the right side as well.
    Moving over to the left –
  • Pain in the upper left part of the abdomen might suggest an issue with the stomach such as a stomach ulcer, problem with the spleen etc.
    Moving down to the left –
  • Pain in the stomach that comes from the lower left can be caused by IBS, diverticulitis or even a gynecological problem such as endometriosis or PID – pelvic inflammatory disease.
    Moving over to the lower right –
  • Pain in the lower right of the stomach to the right of the belly button or  a little lower should not be left unattended. This could be appendicitis which should be checked by a doctor if you have any concern at all for.
  • Pain in the stomach area should not be dismissed.  If it is a growing pain or persistent you will want to have it checked.  If it is something like diarrhea or constipation and you can target the offending cause it would make sense to change that part of your diet before it becomes something more serious.

For diarrhea and constipation, consider a daily dose of probiotics.  Set your digestive tract right again, after all the damage you’ve done.  Do something happy for your tummy.  See Alive Probiotics in the margin.