Sharp Stomach Pains

Sharp stomach pains can be caused by any number of conditions. Some conditions may be minor and not cause any real problem to one’s overall health, while others can have an affect on various organs in the body. It is important to realize that the intensity of sharp stomach pains does not always reflect the seriousness of one’s condition. Severe stomach pains can stem from such mild conditions as gas, heartburn, or viral gastroenteritis. In addition, one may have a generalized infection such as strep throat or the flu, which can have an affect on the stomach and cause nausea.

Treatment for Sharp Stomach Pains

In many instances, sharp stomach pains are telling signs that something is wrong in the body. For the most part, methods used to treat the pains are non-invasive and there is no need for medical treatment. Often times it is merely a matter of the need for good bacteria in the intestinal tract, the bowel.  In this case Alive Probiotics may be what helps.

Treatments for sharp pains in the stomach are generally determined by the location and circumstances in which they occur. For instance, if the pain is associated with cramping and one is close to beginning menstruation, then most likely the pain that is felt is known as menstruation cramps and completely normal. Treatments for menstruation cramps can vary, but sometimes can be alleviated with deep breathing exercises, heating pads, and natural supplements.  (See our supplement page.)

If the pain is associated with bleeding, one may have an external or internal hernia. If the pain is associated with a burning sensation, especially shortly after eating, then it may stem from a stomach ulcer. Treatments of hernias, ulcers, and other medical conditions do vary and it is important to seek medical attention if pain is persistent or servere. With most medical conditions that led to sharp stomach pains, pain medication is most often prescribed. In addition, there are a number of over-the-counter medications and natural supplements, live probiotics and natural fiber productt that can be very beneficial in alleviating the pain caused by medical conditions.

To find out more about natural alternatives that can provide relief from severe stomach pain, please visit our supplement page.