Constipation and Stomach Pain

Diarrhea is not only a pain to spell but it is no fun to experience.  The other side of the coin is constipation. Constipation can be the cause of  just a belly ache or something more serious.  Truth be known, constipation is a regular pain in the butt as well as the stomach.  Constipation may not only cause cramping while the stool takes the gradual route passing from the stomach through the bowel but it is important to consider what it does as it comes out.

Most people would tell you that constipation is caused by too little fiber and / or not enough water. These are two common factors but persistent constipation is much more than just these two things. It is not as simple but water and fiber is the right place for everyone to start.

The AGA will tell you that laxatives should not be used for more than 3 weeks without consulting a doctor.   Let me ask you something.  Does it make sense that you would have constipation so bad that you felt the need for laxatives for 3 weeks?  At Pain the Stomach .com we believe that  if you need laxatives for 3 weeks you have already done enough damage. Doesn’t that sound like a long time to be on laxatives?  If your answer is that you have been on laxatives for some time now, please consider trying baby steps to getting healthier.

If constipation is brought on by stress, and this too is common, relax.  Take time to allow yourself to go.  When you feel an urge allow yourself to relax rather than being stressed about it.  Give yourself a couple minutes in life to do nothing but go.  Women may feel the bathroom to be their husband’s mistress with all the time spent there.  Ladies, help your husbands to be healthy and you may see more of him.

Persistent constipation will cause other issues or may be a sign of other concerns.  Temporary constipation is not serious but if becomes a regular concern you may want to talk to your doctor or alternative health practitioner.

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