Causes of stomach pain

Pain in the stomach comes from many reasons.  Stomach pain in the left side, the right side, upper or lower stomach pain and even gas or bloating pains in the stomach are all very important to distinguish in order to find the reason for the pain.

For example: Pain on the right side that is to the side of belly button is sometimes a symptom of appendicitis.

Many people, maybe even most, don’t even know where the stomach is.  They confuse their belly with their stomach but the stomach is a specific part of the body and not just an area.  Make sure you know you are talking about your stomach pain when you explore the pages below.

Click on the various articles about pain in the stomach and read about how you can be stomach pain free, often in a very short time.  For many it is just a matter of small changes in diet or adding something as simple as probiotics such as Alive Probiotics (We suggest this kind for the high number of bacterium per capsule – 5+ billion.)

Some pain can actually be from weakened muscles not protecting the stomach area.

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